About Us

We are a fiscal and financial specialist characterized for improving business management and its results in the economic and financial area.

We offer our customers different alternatives of contracting audits, taxes, consultancies and financial advising that allow us to create integral solutions.

With MSA Consultores, you will have:

  • The support of consultants with a wide business experience
  • Access to a wide team of experts with the necessary skills and the suitable coverage
  • A personalized treatment and with a long term vision
  • Access to a specialist in the business area to which you belong

Our Vision

To be a leading company in solutions, accounting, administrative and financial exceed the expectations of our customers always ensuring our commitment to integrity and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our Mission

To offer our customers a complete service, specializing in quality, excellence and high technological content, providing a team of committed, innovative, ethical and service oriented.

Code of Conduct

MSA is a network of major professional services internationally.  As professional advisers we help our clients solve complex business problems and achieve their goal of improving their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance.  As business advisors, we play an important role in the functioning of the capital markets of the world.

Acting professionally. Doing business with integrity. Maintaining the reputation of our customers as well as ours.  Trying to people and the environment with respect.  Acting in a socially responsible manner. Working together and thinking about the way we work, considering the ethical dimensions of our actions.  This is MSA expressed in our code of conduct.

MSA Consultores, it´s divided in:

Planning and New Business

Planning is a strategic management tool that consists of finding one or more competitive advantages.

As a professional responsibility to develop, which will determine the depth of the plan and what are the most important aspects you should look for the company to be a success.

The success of failure of a strategic plan that determined by several factors, the most important are the responsible professional expertise, and level of commitment of top management, operating personnel capabilities and adequate flow of resources for implementation.

Human Resources

We offer services of Quality and Excellence, since we count with highly professional team in the area of Human Resources, orientated to study the current needs of our customers.

Our base is our customer´s business profile; we provide support in the recruitment process, selection of the personnel.

  • General Advising in Human Resources
  • Labor Audits
  • Evaluation of Functions


We are in charge of the efficient management of human, financial and materials resources assigned, as well as providing the general services of support, according to the work programs of the different areas that integrate the Dependence, achieving the policies established by the Board of Directors; along with the State corresponding procedures.

Financial and Tax Advisory

Our firm provides a service, from the identification of business value, to the due diligence analysis, taking control of the business, its strategic position tax execution thereof.

We offer such services as:

  • Fiscal Closure audits for Companies or Organizational Groups
  • Practice of inventories
  • Accounting and financial reorganizations
  • Elaboration of complex forensic audits
  • Elaboration of tax returns

In our firm, the main function is to offer the customer a monthly report that can make known their efficiency and effectiveness in regard to operative movement, just as their financial variations, as are your monthly income and expenses.  In this way it provides a robust and clear perspective to the shareholders and directors of companies.

Logistics, Public Relations and Customer Service

Establish monitoring and control systems with corresponding evaluation criteria and measurement parameters.  Audits of communication, advertising strategies, evaluation of campaigns, presence and valuation studies, among others.
In MSA public relations is to analyze trends, predicting their consequences, advise the management of the organization as well the establishment of action programs that serve both the interest of the same, ie, company, institution, such as that of their audiences.