MSA Consultores

MSA Consultores is a firm of financial and accounting analysts and advisers.

It was constituted in January 22, 1999, beginning with the provision of audit and consultancy services.

Our services include from financial analysis, evaluations and business mergers, consultancies, audits, audits in accounting procedures, amongst others.

We have highly qualified professionals with proven expertise in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Consulting Accounting systems and software, consulting and employment tax.

Our firm has an ongoing staff training, in order to keep you updated on the various areas that make up our profession.

Our main areas of professional services have been developed according to the needs of our customers and users of our professional services, contemplating the challenges posed by the constant changes in technology, the growth of the competitiveness of enterprises, as a result of economic globalization and our philosophy of providing personalized service in the areas of greatest demand, with a broad view of environment.